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Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One Possibly Launch on 3rd March, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake was officially confirmed at E3 back in 2015. Sony confirmed Final Fantasy VII Remake from having many requests of its fans so the date of this game is confirmed and going to release in the next year on 3rd March 2020 on PS4. But later on Xbox germany twitter just confirmed Final fantasy VII remake for Xbox one will also release on the same date as PS4

So this is surprised for Xbox fans as sony’s whole perspective it was to be played first of its own platform Play station 4 , But now it seems there is two possibilities either the Xbox germany twitter handle is done by mistake or there might have some changes behind the scenes that the Final fantasy VII remake lauched on both the platform on same dates.

Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One Could Release on 3rd March, 2020

Screenshot of the tweet in question can be read below:

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

As you see clearly on the above image, the release date mentioned is on 3rd March 2020 but we have seen first trailer of PS4 they mentioned to play it first on play station 4 but when the new trailer released at E3 we didnot find any such thing.

Xbox Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One

So is there any possibility the Final Fantasy VII remake is no longer to debut on Play station 4 as we thought previously? well, it certainly looks that way, doesn’t it. We are yet to hear any confirmation regarding the news from official Xbox spokesman but for now, take it for what it is.

Let me know in the comments how you feel regarding the announcement, do you think it is a mistake or the game really will release on Xbox the same day as the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One Possibly Launch on 3rd March, 2020
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