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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Delayed Till October 2019

Terrible news, Destiny 2 fans. It would appear that you’ll need to hold up an additional couple of weeks to perceive what Bungie has coming up for Destiny 2’s future. According to an official declaration, the up and coming Shadowkeep development is being pushed once again from September seventeenth to October first. There appear to be no issues, Bungie would simply like somewhat more time to ensure its leader game’s huge new development is in the same class as it tends to be.

The announcement originates from the authority Bungie blog, and is short and to the point. “Being autonomous implies that the fate of Destiny 2 is altogether in our group,” they compose. “It additionally implies that we’re deft enough to do what’s best for the game and our players, regardless of whether it’s the hard decision.”

All things considered, this “hard decision” just adds up to about fourteen days. Different games get deferred for whole years, so this appears to be a minor burden even under the least favorable conditions. In any case, Bungie knows that fans plan for these dispatches well early. They even leave an earnest and mindful conciliatory sentiment for the fans who get out of work to share in computer game dispatches.

“We know for some of you (us as well), Destiny discharges are occasions where you get a vacation from work or build up an unexpected disorder that keeps you from school or work (we get it, a lot of our group takes a break to go individually Destiny Jacket Quest). We’re upset for botching your arrangements and we needed to share this data as fast as possible,” they state.

To make it up to players, Bungie is expanding the Moments of Triumph and adding an additional Iron Banner to keep gatekeepers occupied until the new Shadowkeep dispatch. They likewise repeat that Cross Save is still due this mid year, well on the ball Stadia dispatch.

Additionally of note is that New Light, an allowed to-play form of vanilla Destiny 2, has likewise been postponed. Both New Light and Shadowkeep are presently due out on October first for PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and Stadia in November.

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