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Danger Rising Just Cause 4 scheduled to release on August 29

The past causes issues down the road for Rico in the all-new “Danger Rising Just Cause 4, discharging August 29th, 2019, on XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Furnished with another model Hoverboard, Rico promises to bring down the Agency subsequent to learning of their arrangements to dispose of him. Tom Sheldon joins Rico on his central goal and the pair start by researching an enormous submarine, which has surfaced forebodingly off the shore of Solis. Could Rico be out of his profundity against The Agency?

Worthwhile motivation 4 changes always with the entry of “Threat Rising” and the all-new Hoverboard. Speed over the outside of the sea, pound along rails and kickflip over detonating helicopters. Find the development to JUST CAUSE 4’s as of now top tier suite of traversal alternatives and leave amazing annihilation afterward as you take the battle to Rico’s old bosses with more speed and style than any other time in recent memory, crosswise over new missions that that will test the majority of Rico’s aptitudes and capacities.

The Agency is back, and brings the full power of their propelled tech and exceedingly prepared Agents to tolerate in their chase for Rico and Sheldon. Specialists catch over the territory, much the same as Rico, and assault from all points, employing hard-hitting weaponry not at all like anything seen in JUST CAUSE 4 preceding.

“Peril Rising” includes 8 new missions, the game-evolving Hoverboard, and different energizing new weapons and vehicles to the insane JUST CAUSE 4 sandbox world. Shoot foes with the ultra-incredible Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, twist the laws of gravity with the Stormalong Em Zero magnesis rifle, or convey your own special remote controlled automaton with the Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle.

“Risk Rising” gives players a stunning bundle of marvelous new apparatuses of annihilation you can utilize in any mission, or in the open-world sandbox of JUST CAUSE 4, for dangerous new activity stuffed snapshots of brilliant pandemonium.

“Risk Rising is the third DLC pack in the ‘Thrill seekers, Demons and Danger’ Expansion Pass, and it brings an incredible new story, intense foes that can hook, much the same as Rico, and another component that we are truly amped up for, the Hoverboard.” said Victoria Setian, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. “This is a genuine distinct advantage. Worthy motivation 4 previously had probably the best traversal mechanics around, yet the Hoverboard integrates everything and gives players the smoothest, most unique development framework in any activity game!”

Gold Edition buyers will get 7 days ahead of schedule access to the JUST CAUSE 4 “Los Demonios” DLC. Gold access starts on June 26th, 2019.

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