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WWE stars Becky Lynch, John Cena, The Rock Join Smash Brawlhalla

While Super Smash Bros has gotten overwhelming enough in the battling game network to take the headliner spot at Evo, the wondrous universe of stage contenders is still somewhat less created than type’s different subcategories. In any case, there are a lot of games like Smash Bros, and Ubisoft’s interpretation of the class with Brawlhalla has quite recently gotten another arrangement of hybrid characters – this time, they’re coming straight from the squared circle.

Four WWE stars are hitting Brawlhalla nearby another, group centered mode set inside a wrestling ring, in the nick of time for SummerSlam this end of the week. The characters are all piece of the typical Epic Crossovers arrangement, which reskin existing legends with exceptional looks, activitys, and weapon skins.

You’ll have The Rock based on the capacities of Sentinel, a John Cena dependent on Hattori, a Becky Lynch imitating Gnash, and Xavier Woods taking over for Bödvar. The new Brawldown is a 2v2 stock match that places you in a wrestling ring, with fun ropes and a lot of seats and tables around to use as weapons.

The fix notes likewise include a wide scope of parity fixes for different weapons and legends, which you can peruse in full on the authority site.

From Adventure Time to WWE, Brawlhalla has gotten a quite odd rundown of colleagues, and the game’s as yet trucking alongside a sound estimated network after such a long time.

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