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This Is the Police 2 Releasing on Android APK: Pre-Register Now

Decipher the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2, spin-off of the acclaimed noir dramatization This Is the Police! Run the sheriff’s area of expertise, deal with your cops, explore, investigate, and imprison. Settle on intense choices – and attempt to keep out of jail yourself! – in this story-driven blend of experience, methodology, and turn-based strategic battle.

An official announcement released today states that the game is coming to both Android and iOS sometime soon, and if you’d like to pre-register for the Android release, you can do so on the new Play Store listing.

Is it a reenactment? An administration game? A strategic test? A visual novel? A riddle? It’s everything of these, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Plunge into stand-out – story driven understanding.

Welcome to Sharpwood, a cold and cruel bordertown riven with savagery, where nobody is totally honest. Runners, packs, and shouting populists consider this town their home. To keep up harmony and request, the youthful sheriff Lilly Reed (Sarah Hamilton, The Longest Journey) should collaborate with outlaw criminal Jack Boyd (Jon St. John, Duke Nukem), and ask that her hazardous arrangement doesn’t winding crazy.

Assume responsibility for the Sheriff’s specialty.

Your subordinates aren’t only some asset; they are living individuals with their own qualities, shortcomings, fears and partialities – and you’ll need to figure with every one of them so as to endure. Is it true that one is of your folks drinking an excessive amount of liquor? Or on the other hand continually concocting reasons for not coming to work? Or on the other hand does he will not pursue orders? You’ll need to demonstrate an enduring hand on the off chance that you need to force discipline on this division.

Participate in strategic battle.

During your most risky activities, the game will change to turn-based battle. Accumulate a group of your best cops (or utilize your alcoholic and inept bums – you don’t generally have the advantage of being picky!). Cautiously study the territory, adjust your arrangements, stealthily approach your suspects and use non-deadly weapons and hardware – if the circumstance permits. Genuine, at times gunfights are practically difficult to keep away from, however be cautious: This Is the Police 2 doesn’t have hit focuses. A solitary shot can cost a cop their life.

Become a genuine criminologist.

Gather proof, study case materials, grill suspects (or utilize more… compelling techniques) and send the hoodlums to court. What’s more, if the suspect was guiltless? Maybe it’s a great opportunity to see whether any Sharpwood judges can be purchased.

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