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THQ Nordic Launches Comanche During Gamescom 2019

THQ Nordic and engineer Nukklear declared today at Gamescom that Comanche is returning. After the Iran-US RQ170 episode from December 2011, in which a UAV was hacked and caught through cyberwarfare, the “RAH-66 Comanche” was breathed life into back, and got another job. By surveillance and air-to-ground battle, the new Comanche additionally goes about as a bearer of a particular, non-hackable short-run ramble, that is intended to work in high-chance situations. Another period of helicopter fighting is going to start …

With this backstory, the new game – just called Comanche again and dependent on the unbelievable gaming establishment from Novalagic – is set to take off 2020. Comanche will start its initial access battle and lift off as a cutting edge, group based online multiplayer helicopter shooter. Be that as it may, that is by all account not the only new wind. Other than your Comanche, you will likewise control a little, equipped automaton for lacking elbow room battle and uncommon obligations. Every Comanche/ramble arrangement will have its own qualities and shortcomings and satisfy a significant job in the target based group versus group experiences.

Early access will enable the designer to make another, an advanced Comanche involvement in participation with the fans and the network, to guarantee the best helicopter fighting game ever. Comanche will undoubtedly discharge in Q1 2020 on Steam’s initial access program. The game is controlled by Unreal Engine 4.

Comanche Gameplay Trailer

Comanche is a group based online multiplayer helicopter shooter set soon, in which you draw in with your group of 4 pilots in extraordinary helicopter dogfights and slippery close-quarter automaton battle to assault or shield high-esteem focuses in zones of troublesome access. Browse a variety of Comanche and automaton designs, and use their qualities furthering your strategic potential benefit. By joining the old qualities with a cutting edge multiplayer online shooter ongoing interaction, we carry this establishment into the 21st century.


  • Two of every one: Control an actually propelled rendition of the unbelievable RAH-66 Comanche helicopter in warmed dogfights, and venture into its going with automaton for close-quarter battle.
  • Numerous vital chances: Pick one of numerous Comanche/Drone mixes outfitted with shifted weapons and remarkable devices that compliments your playing style.
  • Objective-based multiplayer: Every mission has its very own objective – play as a group, to accomplish triumph.
  • Unbalanced ongoing interaction: Be either on the assaulting or the guarding side.
  • Breachable structures: Use destructible components in your condition to find your rivals napping.
  • Early access for the players: Comanche will dispatch in early access to enable the network to take an interest in the game’s improvement with their input.
  • Steady substance refreshes: To extend, adjust and improve the game THQ Nordic and Nukklear will persistently give new energizing substance to Comanche and respond
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