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Proterra intends to reinvent itself on the public market through a SPAC agreement

Proterra has announced its intention of entering a special purpose acquisition contract that will see it enlisted on the Nasdaq stock exchange market. Proterra is a manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles like buses, drivetrains, and crossovers. This company took this decision to revitalize its financial potential and expand its operations in the ever-growing market. The company’s statement implies that the merger with ArcLight Clean Transition Corp will create its financial base to run efficiently. Other partners that have come to aid this company in its expansion include Fidelity Management & Research, BlackRock, Daimler Trucks, and Franklin Templeton, among others. This move has witnessed the company record $415 million capital gains.

Moreover, the company received $825 million in cash-raising its valuation on the stock market to $1.6 billion. The company will take the ticket labeled PTRA for enlisting in the Nasdaq stock exchange market. The investors who brought in a considerable portion of this funding include Generation Investment Management, Exelon’s Constellation power retailing unit, Soros Fund Management, Kleiner Perkins, Daimler, GM Ventures, and Cowen Sustainable Advisors, among others. Proterra is among the companies that have initiated the development of heavy-duty electric buses while also manufacturing its electric vehicles. The company combined efforts with these investors to subdue the upfront costs of expanding and provide revenue generation options that will also accelerate the transition from fossil-fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, the company has focused on developing electric heavy-duty vehicles land batteries that fit in electric vehicles and the electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the uptake of these vehicles. The chief executive of Proterra, Jack Allen, stated that they realized the essence of investing in this production line since they projected the transportation industry to switch to electrified systems. Allen is hopeful that the company can lead to this line of electric vehicles. Daimler is the company’s chief partner and has the battery and drivetrain investment that yielded the company’s Thomas Built Buses. This division distributes electric buses to schools and other public entities interested in the product.

The electric vehicle industry has witnessed numerous special purpose acquisition contracts that have infused electric vehicle manufacturers in the Stock markets. These contracts have the purpose of widening these companies’ capital bases to compete with Tesla and procure their part of the electric vehicle market share. Companies like Nikola ventured special-purpose acquisition contracts to maintain their market share and develop itself as a rival of Tesla. Nevertheless, the electric vehicle industry will witness growth like never seen before if these contracts continue to be the pacesetter.

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