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Renewable energy shaping up the green energy technology

The fact that you are accessing this information means that you have an electronic gadget that uses electricity in many instances. Other appliances that utilize electricity in the household setting include your fridge, television, lamp, oven, and heaters. Most of the electricity we have been consuming comes from fossil fuels like coal, gas, and petroleum. Other but scarce sources of this electricity include nuclear energy, hydropower, geothermal, among other renewables. The latter sources are cleaner and more affordable than the former bringing into discussion the topic of renewable energy sources.

We have not explored renewable energy to its full potential because our grids cannot deal with it. In all instances, electricity becomes usable immediately it is produced. Therefore, the researchers ought to investigate the appropriate storage devices to host vast quantities of this energy. The small batteries being paraded around and those in electronic gadgets are not enough storage for this energy. Moreover, there are no storage banks for the excess electricity produced. This circumstance means that the excess would have to go directly to transmission grids for consumption and that when the supply is low, consumers would be affected.

When electricity exceeds the quantity required, the transmission systems contain power outages by breaking the circuits to control the surges. However, too little of it can force engineers to start working with the traditional inefficient energy systems to cover up for the insufficiency. Lastly, high demand can force the operators to surcharge the consumers to balance demand with the little electricity that comes their way. In electricity production, demand must always meet supply to maintain control. However, renewables offer the extremes of the equation because they depend on the prevailing weather patterns.

A perfect scenario of this phenomenon is the pre-pandemic period where people would leave their houses early in the morning for work and return home at night. The evening period is when the electricity demand would be high. Coincidentally, there would be no sun to provide solar energy to meet this demand when it surpasses that which was obtained during the daytime. Therefore, if people were wholly dependent on this energy, they would be complaining of blackouts. The companies dealing with wind turbines would also narrate of similar trivialities when the atmosphere becomes calm. Therefore, scientists and researchers have this enormous task of developing storage systems for renewable energy to ensure constant supply if the sector wants to achieve climate objectives without affecting consumers’ services.

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