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The Looming controversy in the auto world with questions regarding the EVs claims

It is no secret that change is scary, no matter which aspects of our lives are changing. People tend to have insecurities about the future and what to expect. And this is the same case that the auto world is facing regarding Electric Vehicles. Many are worried that the range claims are just mere estimates. From the efficiency, battery pack, speed, elevation, temperature, and many more features.

Electric vehicles are making their name in the vehicle manufacturing industry and the road. Why not when many people are ditching the old cars for these automatic cars. One of the primary factors revolves around the battery life and how long it will take before needing a plug-in for a recharge. And these key factors are the main reasons why battery developers and car manufacturers are working effectively to upgrade every time. With recent upgrades, they are hoping to woo potential customers with the performance of the Electric Vehicles.

However, as much as we appreciate the upgrade, does it match the figures that these manufacturers claim? With the high demand for electric vehicles, there have been cases where EV makers and models have been questioned. The worst case is that even renowned figures’ claims on their product have been brought to question.

For example, after studying Tesla‘s electric vehicles, Edmunds indicates that the figures are not correct. In their 2018 estimates range for the Tesla Model 3 performance is 500kms. But the study has shown that the actual range is about 410kms. For the 2020 version, the estimates seem to become closer to the existing content since it has a slight difference.

Tata Motors Electric Vehicles are also in question by Delhi Transport Department after claims that the Nexon EV doesn’t meet its requests. He claims that the EV full charge has a performance of 200kms, but it estimates to 300kms. The difference is enormous, and it seems like their estimates were over the roof.

Electric Vehicles range depends on two major features, the energy capacity and its efficiency. Other external factors affect the end result, elevation, speed, driving habits, and temperature when it comes to performance. All these features end up resulting in poor estimates regarding the EV performance.

Similar to petrol and diesel vehicles, it is uncertain that electric cars will get to their full potential every drive. Experts argue that the range that the manufacturers give is certified. However, it will depend on other external factors such as location and driving habits. Electric vehicles are auto motors with flaws that we hope to get over in the future.

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