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Chinese telecom firm ZTE preparing electric vehicle product line

When it comes to decarbonizing the planet, the energy and transport ministry are sectors where we need to change the way we run things. Why not when over half of the pollutant gases come from these sectors. In the transport industry, countries are transiting from fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. For years, various organizations and climate experts have been urging governments to settle for clean energy to minimize climate fluctuations. And for years, people gave a deaf ear to the facts of what the environment was facing. However, in recent months, governments are working towards a net-zero emission target. The plan is no secret ambitious, but the planet will decarbonize 100% with the proper steps.

China is one of the top countries globally in the energy transition process. With the rise of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. In the recent past, ZTE Corp, a Chinese Telecoms Equipment maker is joining the many tech companies venturing into the electric vehicles’ market. In an interview with Reuters, ZTE Corp’s spokeswoman highlighted the Company’s plan to invest in a new product line.

This upcoming investment’s details are not yet precise since the spokesperson didn’t explain whether ZTE Corp is manufacturing vehicle parts on their electric vehicles line. Chinese-based technology firms have focused on the electric vehicles’ market, the world’s biggest car market since Beijing promotes greener vehicles to reduce air pollution.

Recently, ZTE Corp rival Huawei Technologies was in a report from Reuters claiming that the tech firm has plans of investing in its brand of electric vehicles where sources claim that the Company is likely to launch some model by the end of 2021. However, Huawei tech spokesman denied the allegations of having EV ambitions beyond supplying tech for its partners.

Several Asian technology firms such as Baidu have reported EV ambitions to build their brands. DJI, a Shenzhen-based drone maker, announced its current work on creating an engineering team that will research and develop self-driving technologies.

Financial experts claim that electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid cars, battery-powered EVs, and Hydrogen-fueled cars, will make up 20% of China’s annual auto sales by 2025. Industry forecasts predict that China electric vehicle sales will total 1.8 million units in 2021, increasing from 2020, 1.3 million units.

The transport sector’s future is no secret the electric vehicles since the people need to decarbonize the planet, which includes abandoning fuel-powered cars. ZTE Corp can forecast the future of the transport sector and hopes to play a crucial point in assisting China to deal with the pollution. People are looking forward to the exciting innovation that ZTE Corp will introduce.

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