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Volvo to manufacture only electric vehicles by the next decade

Volvo, an automaker from Sweden, announced plans to manufacture only electric vehicles by the next decade. Volvo, the second-largest automotive manufacturer, stated that it would seize manufacturing old-fashioned internal combustion engines. General Motors had announced in January that it would start manufacturing only battery-powered cars by 2035.

Henrik Green, Volvo’s chief technology officer, said that there is no long-term future for vehicles that still use old engines. Anyone planning to purchase one of Volvos must make an order online. The cars would be available online, and those interested to buy or drop their order have the freedom to do so. Volvo stores will remain active so that customers can view the vehicles and have them mended.

Volvo Company said that it plans to display a new model. The company hopes that by 2025, its sales around the globe would only originate from automotive and the other half from hybrid vehicles. Hybrid cars use both batteries and outmoded engines to run the car. Volvo’s step towards manufacturing electric vehicles would help the company meet their buyers’ anticipations and help to fight climatic changes.

Since technology is dynamic, the government is also playing a vital part in reducing pollution to the environment by supporting manufacturing electric vehicles only. The sad part is that Americans are still purchasing large numbers of outmoded automobiles. ; in 2020, only 2% of electric vehicles were sold in America, while 2.5% of electric cars were sold globally. By the end of 2021, analysts hope that the number of EVs bought would increase to 70%. Last year (2020), Volvo sold approximately 660,000 vehicles across the world, and one-sixth of the sales were from the United States.

Hakan Samuelsson, the CEO, explained more about the vehicles’ online purchase whereby after a customer picks the type of car he or she wants, the buyer should test the car by driving it. Volvo Cars are the latest carmaker to have plans in place revolving around electric mobility. For instance, Ford stated that it would make an investment of $1 billion in manufacturing electric vehicles in Cologne, Germany. Ford also indicated that it would make zero-emissions vehicles and plug-in hybrid fit into the electric vehicle world.

In February, Jaguar announced that its forthcoming models would be fully electric, taking effect in 2025. Tata Motors plans to manufacture about six pure electric car models by 2025. Kia, a South Korean automaker, will be deploying its electric vehicle later this year.

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