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Park City could be hosting renewable energy technology that the industry is yearning to realize

The latest report by city staff indicates that Park City will be realizing its 100% renewable energy transition earlier than it had projected if all the planned strategies are implemented. The City council received reports indicating that the Utah Renewable Energy Program is making groundbreaking milestones. Approximately 20 communities in Utah have agreed to develop statewide community renewable energy programs in collaboration with Rock Mountain Power. The report states that if all the communities are on board with the Park City idea, its realization will take shorter than anticipated. Park City started the idea of community-based 100% renewable energy by the end of this decade.

Park City Environmental Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin articulated that if the strategies that the program outlines are implemented with the agreement of the communities involved, then the city could be heading to 100% renewable energy success early than predicted. Moreover, the energy developers can think of other renewable energy sources that they can deploy to top up to the 80-megawatt solar farm developed in Tooele County. Mayor Andy Beerman requested to understand from Cartin if this implies that the city would far much ahead in achieving its renewable energy objectives. Cartin explained that they are heading in that direction based on the positive response they have obtained from the communities they have been interacting with for these projects.

The city is preparing to become an anchor community through the program. Moreover, it will be meeting the $700,000 cost for the program to start rolling out as they await the other communities’ decision on whether they are joining this quest or bowing out of it. The report indicates that the more communities enter this program, the less the expenses incurred since the developers would have a significant playing ground to roll out their program.

When the remaining 15 communities join the program, then Park would reduce its expenses to about $36000 for the next two years. Most investors invited to this program hope it kicks off early to ensure that their investment meets its intended objective. The following action that will propel this program to success is board members and staff’s appointment to oversee the program’s rollout throughout the communities that have agreed to it. Other leaders, including the representatives for these communities, will also be selected to ensure that the community is informed about the project’s progress.

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