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Blink Charging Co. sponsors the BEV racing team from the University of Cincinnati

Several companies have been supporting institutions, startups, and research teams as the planet moves to a digital and clean world. On April 6th, 2021, Blink Charging Co. joined these companies after announcing its sponsorship to BEV (Bearcat Electric Vehicle) racing team from Cincinnati University. Blink is a famous leading operator, owner, and supplier of EV charging products and services. This racing team is the debut all-electric formula race team from the institution and runs under the Academic Intercollegiate Competitions sector.

The university all-electric racing team includes around forty students. Probably you are wondering why an all-electric racing team is crucial in an institution. These students demonstrate the EVs’ power and boost the digital cars’ images in the public eye as they influence people to adopt electric cars. Most of the students in the team pursue bachelor’s in engineering courses. The University of Cincinnati has demonstrated its commitment to the digital move since seven university students have taken up internships in Tesla Motors. Ten members of the race team have taken part in the SpaceX/Hyperloop competition under the institution.

The senior vice president of Technology Development, Joshua Winkler, commented on the sponsorship claiming that they are happy to back up the next generation of engineers who have the potential to transform the EV industry to a brighter future in the coming years. He explained that reliable reports state that students’ innovations often enhance technological advances in many sectors, including the transport industry. The company is confident that BEV racing team will positively impact the EV sector. Additionally, the tech company is excited to watch as young minds innovate new things in the EV sector and impact the transport sector positively.

Currently, the BEV team is working on the Formula SAE competition, which will occur in Michigan in May 2021. The team is in the critical assembling and testing stage of the formula of their first EV design. The team aims to demonstrate sustainable innovation at the college level.

Sagar Tiwari, the team leader, and founder commented on Blink sponsorship, claiming that the sponsors play a huge role in what the team is doing. The team leader expressed his gratitude to Blink for offering the education the members need as they embark on this innovation journey. Additionally, Blink’s donation has increased the team’s chances of victory and invested in future engineers who will improve the EV sector.

Blink’s recent report shows its support for EVs as it continues to build relationships with key influencers to help the sector move forward. Experts and people are looking forward to what these young minds will deliver to the market.

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