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Washington D.C Council plans to decree the installation of electric vehicle charging resources in a refurbished building

The D.C. Council hopes to compel the owners of the buildings within the District under renovation to develop a charging system doe electric vehicles to hasten the transition to renewable energy. The new bill by the Council proposes that not less than a third of parking lots under refurbishment or in new buildings must create space for the charging of electric vehicles. This bill implies that the buildings must have a constant and sufficient power source that meets the recharging capacity of the electric vehicles. Nevertheless, the house owners do not need to wire their houses with the equipment provided the electricity flowing to the parking lot is enough to charge the electric vehicle.

The Council is waiting for a single vote from its members and the authentication by Mayor Muriel Bowser and Congress. Bloomberg statistics indicate that almost two-thirds of the vehicles that will be on the roads in the next two decades will be electric. This statistic has necessitated the development of electric vehicle charging stations countrywide and the compelling of real estate agents to plan their houses to accommodate the recharging facilities.

The Council explained that they want more people in this District to purchase electric vehicles to accelerate the transition to clean energy and realize the climatic objectives. This bill’s authorization to become law will hasten the uptake of electric vehicles by residents since range anxiety will be resolved. If this plan goes through, it will take three decades to realize a net-zero carbon emission city.

The acceptance of this bill to become law would make it effective in the next two years. Buildings with more than four parking units will be forced to subscribe to a utility service that provides enough electricity to meet these demands. Nevertheless, the bill has an advantage for house owners who cite financial struggles because they do not adhere to this regulation.

The Energy Department revealed that the charging units’ cost ranges from $300 to $40000 depending on the charging rate of the unit. This data was supplied by the Department five years ago, and hopefully, the values have changed with the introduction of more renewables.

Currently, a building with as many as 100 parking spaces would have to invest over $20000 in the charging infrastructure to meet the regulations articulated in this bill. To sum up, the Council stated that they are forcing this bill to be accepted as law to cushion the District and its buildings from future costly changes to align with the electric vehicle charging resources. The Council added that people wishing to rent in this District would not have the burden of installing recharging systems since they will be readily available in the buildings.

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