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Keep an eye on these electric truck and van companies this year

Last year, the town’s talk was how automakers were announcing their plans to electrify heavy-duty trucks, box trucks, semi-trucks, and delivery vans. These stories have become even more popular today. Since trucks consume more energy than other vehicles, electrifying them would help in carbon emissions reductions. Despite the battery range challenge, these vehicles are still booming. 

However, the transition needs combined effort for various stakeholders to work together apart from vehicle manufacturers. These include utilities, governments, and a new technicians’ ecosystem going along with it. Many mammoth automakers accelerated the transition in 2020 by manufacturing several electric trucks. The following are the major automakers and what they accomplished over the last 12 months:


This is a London-based startup, and it has been operating for five years now. The company is investing heavily in its electric vans and buses, which are still being manufactured. Last year that company invested $3 million and hired over 150 employees to work in its North American headquarters which are situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. Early last year, the company announced developing 10,000 electric vans which are purpose-built, which will be delivered in 2024, and is worth millions of dollars. 


The company is well known for producing electric buses, which are sold around the country. However, it is focusing on manufacturing medium and heavy-duty electric trucks. Some of the company’s models such as a Class 6 truck, a terminal tractor, a class 8 Day Cab, and other two All-Electric Refuse Truck models. Early last year, the company distributed 100th battery-electric truck in US, a class 8 model. 

Daimler Trucks

This is the world’s biggest truck maker. Daimler is a German-based company, and it recently distributed a Freightliner eCascadia to South California Edison (SCE) for batter trial. SCE, a power utility firm, is going to use this truck in the transportation of equipment. Daimler also unveiled Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul with a 310-mile range and will be produced by 2024. 


The company entered the electric car market in 2020 and plans to produce an E-Transit van by 2021 with the range of 121 miles. The van will cost $45,000 and is expected to create 150 jobs. 

Nikola Motors

This is a startup company, and it stated that it would set a $600 million plant in Arizona to produce electric trucks by 2021 and by 2023 produce the hydrogen fuel-cell models. Its models would have a range of 700 and 500 miles.

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