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The Hamburg wind energy in 2020

The speakers at the virtual WindEnergy Hamburg event in December 2020 said that the installation of the on-shore wind is going at a slow pace, making them rug behind the EU targets. The EU demands additional power to a minimum of 750GW of on-shore wind by 2050 from the current 174GW.

For the EU to reach those targets, it is expected to pass some laws to accelerate wind power generation. It plans to have new projects within three years and two years to repower projects. The CEO of RWE Renewables, Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, said that this legislation would be passed by mid-2021. She noted that developers need to see the acceleration of technology neutrality and the passed laws’ implementation.

Speaking during the December ministerial opening event, Dotzenrath said that they want to develop new and most effective turbines in numerous. The Spanish Energy Agency director, Joan Groizard, said that Spain’s main challenge is its multi-level governance complexity and civil servants’ scarcity. She added that each administration should work with the set timeframes and ensure the projects are completed within the stipulated timeline.

Off-shore challenges

All the off-shore wind projects are expected to reach carbon neutrality. In its blueprint, the European Commission announced that all off-shore wind should have a capacity of 300GW by 2050, although the industry demands more.

Some of the barriers that are preventing the growth of the off-shore wind industry in Europe are project consenting and grid connection. This is according to the CEO of MHI Vestas Wind, Johnny Thomsen. He added there is a need to develop new technology, supply chain and make great investment decisions. Thomsen said the industry needs certainty and transparency, adding that the right channels and competencies should be put in place.

The senior vice-president and head of wind at Vattenfall, Gunnar Groebler, said that policy implementation at the national level would help achieve the EU’s goals. He added that for the expansion of renewable power to be experienced, the wind industry has a significant role to play, especially wind from both sea and land. Gunnar said that for this to be attained, substantial measures such as regulations must be enacted to speed off the process.

Dan Jørgensen, the Danish energy minister, said that Europe’s ambitions to reach carbon neutrality could be compared to the moon landing. He said that human beings want to land on the moon not because it’s easy but because it’s difficult. He added that the same applies to Europe’s carbon neutrality goals, saying however hard they are, it is possible to achieve them.

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