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Kymeta unveils two of its new versions of the u8 Terminal in style

Kymeta unveiled two new models of its new u8 Terminal, whose purpose will be meeting the demands of governments, military entities, and telephone customers. The two models are the u8 GOV and u8 GO. The u8 GOV module is special because it hosts the Ku-band spectrum and is covered with a casing of iDirect 950mp modem and FIPS, 140-2 level 3 TRANSEC, which sustain its operations.

This Terminal is going at an affordable price as it offers the turnkey version of the satellite modem, cellular modem, and the military end-user tactile. Kymeta explained that it reviewed all the customer problems before developing an advanced model that meets the military, government entities, and other interested customers’ demands. The company added that this module caters to the security of data, voice, and video connection while adhering to the current National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity regulations.

On the other hand, Kymeta’s u8 GO mobile Terminal unveils multiple commercial and government systems. Additionally, it has an inbound support system to facilitate communications on the pause (COTP) and communications on-the-move (COTM). Moreover, the Terminal has a conspicuous casing intended for safeguarding its contents while being moved from one location to another. The company stated that the technology is tested and tried, with the first practical application being in military transportation systems. Some of the military units that tried this Terminal are the Loose Cargo Vibration, MIL-STD-810H, Transportation Shock, and Transit Drop. All these systems can attest to the Terminal’s high performance and will be keenly observing to infuse it in their operations for efficiency.

Kymeta deployed its u8 antenna, services, and terminal line last year as the successor for its u7 product line, which has been operational for quite some time. The new models are compatible with the satellite cellular connection line called the Kymeta Connect.

This service came into action through a subscription plan that it hopes employees can subscribe to for efficiency. At the beginning of this week, Kymeta’s chief strategy officer, Neville Meijers, the vice president of product management, Lilac Muller, and the lead scientist, Ryan Stevenson, provided a conclusive presentation of the company’s u8 Terminal and how it is going to evolve the industry. The three leaders also gave a detailed explanation of the technology and engineering following the design of the Terminal. The engineers are hopeful that the market can readily test it and subscribe to boost the image of the company after what the customers were eager to experience.

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