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Swarm reveals that the Lowest-Cost Global Satellite Data Service is available for commercial purposes

Swarm, a developer of affordable satellite communications network, explained that its network is available for both commercial and potential customers who intend to employ their services. The company became the first affordable satellite service provider covering customers’ needs wishing to subscribe to its services from any point of the globe. Some of the sectors that will likely take up this offer include marine operatives, farmers, and military agencies.

Luckily, the company only charges $5 for a single device connected to their network. Initially, the cost of employing satellite services was high, with the customers enjoying the services complaining of poor customer service. Swarm heeded this feedback and developed an affordable IoT network with real-time and international coverage. This development is actualizing connectivity to markets that needed satellite solutions.

Swarm emerged after Sara Spangelo and Ben Longmier realizing the need for satellite solutions as a service. These founders managed the company from a pilot project to a commercial company with hardware and software details. The company now runs on its systems, offering peculiar technology developed by its research and development department. The latest technology called Swarm Tile is compatible with various smart devices offering a two-path data transmission system. This technology is suitable for low-bandwidth operations that consume less power.

The chief executive of Layer X Group from New Zealand, Bruce Trevarthan, stated that this data might not appear to be valuable until a company stops receiving it or opens a branch in a remote area. Swarm satellite services’ affordability and their wide coverage ensure that more data is receivable and saves the extra costs that customers would have incurred. The monthly data gathering costs for Swarm have dropped by NZ$415 to NZ$15.

This drop is the highest, leading to its acceptance as the most affordable satellite communications provider. Swarm explained that this reduction is possible because they widened their satellite base from the initial number of nine to 81 satellites. This trend increased the number of Swarm customers by more than 300%. Sara Spangelo added that they would be expanding their coverage to ensure that they meet the connectivity demands for even the most remote areas.

Moreover, Swarm is opening new markets where customers can procure their connection systems and subscribe to their efficient service delivery programs. Companies intending to maximize their profits from these low prices have been urged to visit Swarm’s website to book their spaces. The company is also transparent about any other costs that the customers might inquire about, with the hope of satisfying their customer demands.

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