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China’s Beidou satellite systems better visibility in space in comparison to its US rival, GPS

China is one of the leading countries when it comes to space study and technologies. Even though it started the venture later than other companies, its progress rate is outstanding. In the recent survey, China’s BeiDou satellite navigation systems show better visibility than its rival GPS from the USA. Reports indicate that BeiDou could be more of a beacon for spacecraft. This recent study proves that China has immensely improved space technologies and infrastructure. Many people who follow space news are looking forward to new technologies from the country.

This study was under the National Space Science Centre researchers in Beijing. In their research, the team learned that a spacecraft moving below or at an altitude of 1200 miles could comfortably view 50% of the BeiDou satellites compared to satellites in the Global Positioning System. Also, this detail doesn’t apply for a given time or season but every time. When it comes to the satellites’ positioning accuracy, the BeiDou signal is at par with the US GPS satellite. Why BeiDou measures up to the GPS satellite is because its positioning is with the help of ultra-precise atomic clocks.

The leading experts were Wu Chunjun, and in the team’s published paper, they claimed that BeiDou could deliver global coverage using the satellite navigation system. That is, it can offer an all-time positioning service. Naturally, the precise position for satellites and spacecraft uses the ground’s tracking stations to measure. However, it becomes difficult to get an exact location in cases where the ground station is absent.

These details are crucial for any space mission since tiny mistakes can lead to a tragedy. An error in positioning will lead to a miscalculation in the earth’s orbit leading to many problems. According to statics from the China Space industry, the country has been using GPS for space missions for years. Experts in China founded a GPS signal receiver and its tracking software to measure its accuracy. With this space technology, experts can improve spacecraft location accuracy with a margin error of 3cm.

China started the development of its version since it aimed at using a GPS-independent navigation system. The BeiDou, after years of creation, was sent into orbit in 2020 to check on the network. This network has become popular since new iPhone models are settling on the product. However, the main question is whether it will work in space. The research team analyzed data from a weather satellite receiving both GPS AND BeiDou signals, and the latter progress is outstanding.

The main advantage of BaiDeu is that most of the system’s satellites are more visible in comparison to the GPS. An expert claims that the system will come in handy in the military thanks to its precise details.

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