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Lockheed Martin partners with Omnispace, a satellite startup, to create a space-based 5G network

The communication sector is a crucial industry that has its benefits and flaws, and for years experts have been working on new technologies to help this sector. Different technology companies have come up with technologies and methods to improve the network connection, but what has stood out for a while includes the space-based network. It is a path that many firms are walking in and offering people hope of a brighter future. Recently more good news came to the public that Lockheed Martin will be working with the space-based 5G network.

Its space division announced a strategic attentiveness partnership with a satellite startup, Ominispace intending to explore the space-based 5G network and co-develop this ability from space. Ram Viswanathan, Omnispace CEO, stated that this move comes from a shared dream of a worldly 5G network that will serve users well and change between the satellite and terrestrial network. Ram quickly expressed his opinion on Lockheed Martin, claiming that their expertise is outstanding in different markets and has many customers.

The Lockheed Martin Space executive vice president, Rick Ambrose, commented on the issue, stating that Ominispace never dulls and they have a purpose of improving communications globally. Rick also explained that the satellite startup company has a powerful look at the future of ways to offer the 5G network through space and how to get the network to a mobile device.

Ambrose explained that the two firms have been holding meetings and communicating for around a year. This strategic interest partnership cements that the two companies create a hybrid network. It combines the constellation’s reach of a satellite network with the mobile wireless networks’ capacity. What is a constellation? It is a combined set of satellites that work together to achieve a common goal, in this case, to get a global satellite network.

This joint venture puts these firms in the space-based data communication sector with potential competitors, including the SpaceX Starlink project under Elon Musk, focusing on consumers and broadband services, OneWeb satellite-to-smartphone specialist AST & Science, and the Telesat. Ram recognized their competitors creating satellite constellation in the low-earth orbit but stated that their firm offered direct device ability instead of bulky and expensive.

He stated that this project would offer mobile communications capability via a 5G base terminal which opens up many applications. Last month, Omnispace raised a considerable investment from $60 million from Fortress Investment, and their total investment is $140 million since the 2012’s foundation. Ambrose is yet to confirm investment in the company, but the two are jointly working on this project and are exploring other options.

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