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The US military supports legacy systems amid the expanding commercial satellite communication systems

A study of the military entities indicates that many are still lagging behind old technologies to dissipate and transfer their data. This trend is visible despite introducing new technologies into the industry that provide fast communication and transfer data with precision via commercial satellite services. In this study, the individuals stated that the Defense Department and the US armed forces are not utilizing the available, affordable commercial satellite communications services. They reiterated that the military units understand what the market is providing, but they are sluggish in receiving them into their programs because of cultural thinking. Additionally, they do not receive the technology because commercial companies are not compatible with the government’s systems, as outlined by this study’s developers. 

The Government Business Council conducted the study in partnership with satellite operator ViaSat. This subsidiary of the Government Executive Media Group recorded 195 participants giving details concerning randomly selected US active military and Defense  Department civilians. The participants noted that the military acquisition agencies have cultural systems that don’t see any problem utilizing the old defense industrial bases. Ken Peterman, who is the chief of Viasat government systems business, told this to SpaceNews. Peterman demonstrated that utilizing commercial services could minimize the government’s expenses, but the agencies are skeptical of making these price-oriented moves. 

Ken Peterman outlined that the military systems are absorbed into the acquisition processes and policies focusing on the specific technology. He explained that it is essential for the military units to analyze how they can infuse the commercial technologies into their systems. Other military organizations are venturing into the available commercial systems. Moreover, Congress is supporting the utilization of private industry space services by the Defense Department. Peterman stated that Congress is giving in to the pressure from the defense industrial base, which intends to procure legacy platforms, a move which is halting the discussion about the reshuffling of space military technology to utilize the available commercial advanced technologies for space operations. 

The conclusive brief of the study indicates that the defense agencies lack long-term strategies to inform their investment in communications technology amid the increasing demands for the military units. One of the participants explained that numerous defense agencies’ lack of investment into the communications facilities increases their cyber attacks’ susceptibility. Nevertheless, the government and the military must come together and settle the bureaucratic problems impeding the utilization of commercial satellite services in the military systems.

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