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Space Force executives have decided to stay clear from politicking

The head of space operations at the US Space Force, Gen. John Raymond, explained that they had a great time discussing space matters with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team working and overseeing the space activities. Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris have not commented much concerning the space policies or Space Force. This observation has left the space industry guessing whether the president and his administration will support the Space Force like their predecessor, who made this industry one of his primary initiatives. In a call with reporters concerning the first year of Space Force, Raymond strayed from making comments about the next step that the agency would make. 

Since its establishment last year, the Space Force marks its first year as a subsidiary of the Air Force, which was initiated 73 years ago. Raymond revealed that he spoke with members of the Biden transition, and he was happy to discuss with them. However, he did not divulge the details of their discussion and instead chose to make it appear like an informal chat to ensure that the media is not hooked to what should remain confidential. The agency is preparing to create on the foundation established in the first year of its inauguration. Currently, the agency intends to develop the headquarters and field commands and expand its operations by receiving recruits with the skills to develop the required resources. 

Raymond articulated that everything else might change, but his team’s focus is developing a service that facilitates their national competitiveness. Raymond has been trying to convince the legislators that a military unit dedicated to space operations would be instrumental in national security since the Space Force’s development. He added that the US is renowned for its security by freedom of access or maneuver in space. The Space Force focuses on achieving this goal while creating long-term agreements to sustain its leadership in space. The US Space Force has the responsibility of running military satellites, monitoring space traffic, and preserving the US space resources from potential dangers. One of the senior leaders of Space Force, Chief Master Sergeant Roger Towberman, stated that the agency must have a skilled workforce if the US intends to remain relevant in space operations and technology.  

Towberman stated that investment in human capital is vital to ensure that the research and development department remains par with the technology gracing the industry or, better still, having the leading technology. Raymond reiterated that they are reshuffling their recruitment procedures to ensure that they test the skills that they demand of the engineers before they train them for the next wave of technological changes.

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