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Charlotte Bibb – Content Producer

I am the Content Producer for Globe Of Tech. I love to write about the new technological advancements in the world

Phone: (+1) 989-378-9549


Justin Rechner – Content Analyst

I’m the Content Analyst working with Globe Of Tech. I have been working as an analyst for five years now and am happy to work with Globe Of Tech

Phone: (+1) 919-530-4266


Marcus Lunal – Author

I am working as an Author for Globe Of  Tech.  I love writing articles and will keep writing them for Globe Of Tech for the foreseeable future.

Phone: (+1) 570-440-7584


Rayman Jones – Author

I’m the Chief Author of Globe Of Tech. I have been writing for some time now for different news sites now I’m only working with Globe Of Tech.

Phone: (+1) 231-680-8204

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