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AAC Clyde Space to Buy SpaceQuest

AAC Clyde Space revealed on Oct. 15 its intentions to buy satellite technology developer SpaceQuest. Pending approval by shareholders and the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment, the firm currently based in Fairfax, Virginia, is set to go for $8.4 million.

According to Luis Gomes, AAC Clyde Space CEO, acquiring SpaceQuest represents the next step in their plan to expand their operations in the USA and by extension, their Space as a service [SaaS] business. He added that the satellite and ground station infrastructure from SpaceQuest will be a great addition to the company’s SaaS package and will contribute significantly to the company’s future plans of delivering data services from Space.


AAC Clyde Space was founded in early 2018 after Sweden-based AAC Microtech’s shareholders acquired Clyde Space in Scotland. The company has quickly grown since acquiring Clyde Space.  After various acquisitions and expansions of its product line, AAC Clyde Space now covers everything from satellite subsystems, small satellites, and SaaS. Founded in 1994, SpaceQuest deals in the development and testing of satellite parts and small satellites. Notable SpaceQuest clientele, revealed AAC Clyde Space in the Oct. 16 press release, include NASA, Northrop Grumman, the Canadian Space Agency, among others.


Dino Lorenzini, founder, and CEO of SpaceQuest said that in a market with increasing demand for top-notch satellite supplies, the combination with AAC Clyde Space will open up a host of new opportunities for the company. AAC Clyde had earlier released plans on Oct. 7 to acquire Netherlands-based Hyperion Technologies for $2.44 million. According to AAC’s statement, Hyperion Technology was established in 2013 and specialized in small satellite components, particularly in altitude and orbit control technologies. Hyperion is also a member of an optical satellite communications technology consortium in the Netherlands.


Bert Monna, CEO of Hyperion Technologies, stated that the company has always looked into ways of growing and expanding its reach to cater to the needs of its customers appropriately. He added that as part of AAC Clyde, the company could better respond to the needs of the market in a one-stop-shop. AAC Clyde seeks to help businesses globally to develop satellite constellations to capture data and relay communications in addition to acquiring a larger share of the U.S. space industry. Rolf Hallencreutz, the Chairman of AAC Clyde Space, said in a statement that the integration with Hyperion and SpaceQuest thrusts the company well into the global market as a lucrative service provider for businesses aiming at taking advantage of data from Space.

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