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The CEO of Huawei has great hopes that of resetting with Biden’s administration

On Tuesday, the founder and CEO of Chinese telecom Huawei called to restore its relationship with the United States under President Joe Biden administration. This is after the company was thrashed by sanctions inflicted by former President Donald Trump’s administration.

In his press statement at the beginning of the year, Ren Zhengfei said that he is happy with Huawei’s ability to grow despite its challenges in the western world, where it is defamed as a probable security threat. Ren made these comments after the company was struggling under the regulations that had prohibited the US entities from selling its semiconductors and key components because of security concerns.

Ren said that Huawei would continue buying from US firms; hence he called President Biden for a mutually beneficial change that could help re-establish its access to the goods. He added that he hopes that the new US administration will develop an open policy that would benefit the US firms and the United States’ economic development. Ren said that Huawei can still purchase American materials, equipment, and components in large quantities for mutual benefits. Ren was speaking when he was opening a technology laboratory in Taiyuan City in China’s northern coal belt. The laboratory is intended to automate coal production.

Huawei was established in 1987. Over the decades, it had grown to be an international company to be the global leader in manufacturing top mobile phone producers and telecom equipment. In 2018, Trump inflicted soaring sanctions to stop Huawei from acquiring US firms’ components and preventing it from the US market. Trump also pressured partners to evade Huawei’s gear in their telecoms systems.

The US former President Donald Trump uplifted fears saying that China’s government is likely to use backdoors and utilize Huawei’s appliances for espionage. However, Huawei has denied these allegations. The Industry Tracker IDC says that the US campaign is affecting Huawei negatively. Huawei was among the top three smartphone suppliers, but in the fourth quarter of 2020, its shipments decreased by over 40% since the supply chain interferences suppressed production. 

Huawei was the number five smartphone supplier worldwide.  The top four companies were Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo. Canalys analyst, Nicole Peng, said that Huawei will still survive because it has a large domestic market. Ren said that the company has other means to overcome the challenges. Right now, Huawei is developing an alternative operating system after the US prevented it from using Google’s Android.

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